Oil Change near Madison AL

Oil Change

Of the many services and maintenance your model will receive, an oil change near Madison, AL, will be one of the most frequent. Oil changes can occur anywhere from every 5,000 miles to every 10,000 miles depending on the type of vehicle you have. Either way, it’s going to be a common occurrence that supports the lasting reliability and performance of your model.

When you need to have this oil change executed or if you simply have questions about the process, look to our Bill Penney Mitsubishi team for assistance.

When Should I Be Changing My Oil?

Oil ChangeIf you refer to your owner’s manual you’ll find a service schedule that details what your vehicle needs and when it needs it. Oil changes are listed within this reference. You can also contact our staff directly and we’ll be happy to help you create a long-term plan.

Most models fall between the 5,000-mile and 10,000-mile range for oil changes. Why is there a discrepancy? It has to do with how hard you’re pushing your engine. If you do a lot of spirited driving, use your vehicle for towing purposes, or simply have a stout, high-horsepower motor, changing the oil closer to 5,000 miles will help you retain performance over many years.

If you have a smaller, more economical engine and only use your vehicle for light commuting and around-town errands, changing the oil closer to every 10,000 miles makes sense.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

What is it about motor oil that makes it such an important part of service outlines and lasting maintenance? Basically, motor oil is responsible for three very important jobs within the overall performance of your vehicle: heat regulation, lubrication, and the cleaning up of debris that could otherwise build up in your engine.

So, whether it be keeping your car running cool on a summer road trip or ensuring the various moving parts under the hood remain intact after 50,000 miles, it’s the work of your motor oil that helps you get from Point A to Point B smoothly.

What are the Signs I Need an Oil Change?

Oil ChangeIs it possible to tell if an oil change is coming up outside of looking at the mileage from your last change? The easiest way to tell your vehicle requires new motor oil is to look at the performance. If the car is beginning to feel slow when accelerating or isn’t delivering the fuel economy you’ve come to expect, the culprit could be worn motor oil.

Similarly, if you hear clanging coming from under the hood, see white smoke coming out of the exhaust, or see an oil change warning light appear on your dashboard, you know a change is required.

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Our Bill Penney Mitsubishi Service Center is here to assist with any of your automotive needs. With our online scheduling tool, you can reserve a spot for your model whenever you require an oil change near Madison, Alabama!


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