Oil Change near Athens AL

Oil Change

Oil changes do loads of good for your model. Boosting long-term reliability, maintaining current performance, and helping you reach your peak fuel economy, motor oil is involved with it all. So, where can you go for a quick, easy oil change near Athens, AL? We’ve got your back here at Bill Penney Mitsubishi. You book your visit to our service center online, bring the car around, and we’ll handle the rest. It doesn’t matter your make or model, our technicians are familiar with it all!

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Oil Change The oil change process is a quick, common one for the technicians in our service facility. If it’s just an oil change you’re coming in for, we can have you back on the street in around a half hour. It’s common for folks to also undergo a routine inspection on their model in addition to the oil change.

How Often Should an Oil Change Occur?

In most cases, changing the oil of your vehicle every 7,500 miles is the way to go. If you want to double-check what’s recommended for your specific model, look to the owner’s manual. There’s typically a maintenance schedule included that lists services, such as the frequency of oil changes.

If you want, you can speak with our team directly, too. Depending on how you use your vehicle, oil changes may need to occur with more frequency, such as every 5,000 miles. This would be the case if you regularly push your engine to its limit by doing things, such as aggressive driving or towing close to the model’s maximum capacity.

What are Signs I Need an Oil Change?

Oil Change Sticking to a set mileage interval is the best way to keep in front of needed oil changes. If you’re behind on your oil change, though, your model will likely let you know about it. First, certain modern vehicles have oil change warning lights that appear on the dashboard. The symbol is typically a leaking oil can and suggests you should have your oil replaced.

Secondly, the performance of the vehicle will begin to diminish as the motor oil wears down. Lackluster acceleration, reduced fuel economy, and banging or clanking sounds coming from under the hood can all be the result of worn motor oil.

Finally, you can check the oil yourself if you prefer. It’s actually a simple process and one you can use to determine the state of your motor oil. You identify the dipstick under the hood, remove it, wipe it off, place it back in, then remove it once again. The motor oil should be above the fill line indicator on the dipstick and should also be smooth and golden. If it’s below the recommended level or has begun to turn black and thick, a replacement is needed.

Receive an Oil Change near Athens Alabama

Our Bill Penney Mitsubishi Service Center can happily perform oil changes for any make or model around Athens, Alabama. Want to book your visit? You can do so now! Contact our team with any questions.


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