Mitsubishi Mirage Safety Rating

Mitsubishi has long prided itself on safety, a trait that the Mitsubishi Mirage safety rating and various safety features can attest to. As with all other vehicles in their lineup, the Mirage pairs a strong structural framework with advanced driver-assistance technology to offer the most protection possible. Safety ratings from both the NHTSA and IIHS lend further credence to the protective capabilities of the model.

Bill Penney Mitsubishi gets frequent questions about the safety of vehicles like the Mitsubishi Mirage, so we thought we’d take an extensive look at how this compact car earned a Good rating from IIHS and a 4-star NHTSA safety rating.

IIHS Safety Rating

The IIHS, or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, is a tried and tested source for accurate safety ratings. They review all models on a scale ranging from worst to best: Poor, Marginal, Acceptable, and Good, with Good being the top grade.

As for the Mitsubishi Mirage, this model received splendid scores across the board. It received a grade of Good from the IIHS in several categories, including Moderate overlap front, Side, Roof strength, and Head restraints & seats.

As for the Small overlap front: driver-side category, the Mirage received a score of marginal.

NHTSA Safety Rating

The other source we’ll be looking at for the Mitsubishi Mirage safety rating comes from the NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTSA measures models on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The overall safety rating of the Mitsubishi Mirage earned a solid mark of 4 stars. When you dive into the specific categories, you see well-rounded safety across the board.

The Front Driver Side and Front Passenger Side each checked in at 4 stars. The Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings for the Front Seat and Rear Seat each checked in at 4 stars as well. The Side Barrier is one of the strongest aspects of the Mirage, as the Driver Side Barrier and overall rating each received 5 stars.

Finally, there’s the rollover star rating, a measurement that tests the risk of rollover in a single-vehicle, loss-of-control scenario. In this test, the Mitsubishi Mirage received an impressive 4 stars.

Safety Features in the Mitsubishi Mirage

The safety ratings of the IIHS and NHTSA are great places to start when considering the on-road protection offered by the Mitsubishi Mirage. It’s also important to discuss the driver-assistance technology and safety features available in the compact car.

For instance, the available rearview camera is wide-angled and provides helpful guidance lines and markers that let you see any obstacles in your path. There’s also the Active Stability Control system, which monitors the grip of each tire individually before making adjustments to keep you centered and composed.

Other safety traits include:

  • Hill Start Assist
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • RISE body construction

You’re Always Protected in the Mitsubishi Mirage

If safety is a chief concern for your next ride, the Mitsubishi Mirage will serve as a fine choice. To see how the model performs on streets throughout the Huntsville, Athens, and Elkmont areas, contact Bill Penney Mitsubishi!