Brake Repair near Athens AL

Brake Repair near Athens AL
Every part of your vehicle’s performance is important as they all work together to create a smooth, reliable on-road experience. So, if any part begins to act a little wonky, having it repaired is the right move. Locals seeking a brake repair near Athens, AL, can always turn to our premier shop at Bill Penney Mitsubishi.

We have a facility where we’re able to handle brake repairs among many other services. If a part needs to be replaced, we’ll be happy to handle the installation process as well!

What Parts are Usually Replaced in the Brakes?

Brake PadsEven if you approach your automotive upkeep with diligence and visit the shop once or twice every year for routine inspections, certain parts will still need to be replaced over time. For the brakes, the most common replacements are the pads and rotors.

If you aren’t sure how long your pads and rotors have been on your model and you find that you require a brake repair, it may be as simple as swapping these parts out for a new fit. The pads can often last 30,000 miles, although usage will alter that estimate. The harder you push your brakes through aggressive driving or regular towing, the quicker parts like the pads will need to be swapped out.

The rotors typically last longer than the pads, with certain rotors able to make it up to 50,000 miles. So, both of these parts are areas our certified technicians will look at if you bring your car into the shop for a brake repair.

How Do I Know I Need My Brakes Repaired?

Rusted Brake DrumYour brakes and the overall performance of your car will begin to wane if a repair is required. What does this look like? Well, there are a few noticeable symptoms you’ll want to be on the lookout for.

First and most obvious will be the inability to stop your car with urgency. If you press on the brake pedal yet your vehicle continues to saunter forward, failing to stop responsively, a repair is likely needed. This goes for the brake pedal itself, too. The pedal should provide reassuring feedback, stopping your car as you lean on it. If you’re pressing the pedal to the floor before anything happens, a repair is a good idea.

If the pads or rotors have worn unevenly, your car may pull to the right or the left when you attempt to brake. Another sign that a visit to the shop is needed is a noticeable grinding or screeching sound each time you try to come to a complete stop.

Book a Brake Repair near Athens Alabama

Brake repairs are an important part of maintaining the overall performance of your model. Whether you drive a coupe, crossover, SUV, or truck, caring for the brakes boosts long-term reliability. So, if you’re trying to pinpoint a trusty garage to receive your brake repair near Athens, Alabama, consider our online scheduling tool at Bill Penney Mitsubishi!




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